Pidove (マメパト Mamepato) is a Normal/Flying type Pokémon introduced in Generation V. It will appear in Pokémon Black and White. Its class is a Baby Pigeon Pokemon and has the abilities Super Luck and a new one called Big Pecks which seems to prevent the defense stat from falling. It is also revealed that it learns Gust. Pidove evolves into Hatooboo at level 21.


Pidove is a mainly grey, small pigeon-like Pokémon. It has large, oval eyes with golden irises, and a rounded head from which a spiky, crest-like arrangement of three feathers protrudes from the top of. It has a short, black beak, with a bulbous pink cere, with a black patch on the back of its neck and a wide heart-shaped area of lighter coloration on its chest. Pidove’s black-colored wings have a thick grey stripe down them, and pink feet with black nails.

Known MovesEdit

■Peck ■Growl ■Leer ■Quick Attack ■Air Cutter ■Roost Trivia ■Pidove seems to be based on a pigeon or dove. ■Mamepato may be a combination of 忠実 mame, diligent, and ハト hato, pigeon. ■Pidove appears to be of the same value as Pidgey from Generation 1, Hoothoot from Generation 2, Taillow from Generation 3 and Starly from Generation 4. ■This Pokémon was revealed along with six other Pokémon in July's issue of CoroCoro on June 11, 2010.0 ■Ash caught a Pidove in the second episodes of Best Wishes. ■Even though it is called the Baby Pigeon Pokemon, it's not a Baby Pokemon. ■It looks like pidgey and starly put together